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Justice Songs

SMiller“Justice” – not in the legal sense that often sounds more like revenge – Stephen Miller for Peace1balances the scales.  Justice equalizes the powerless and the powerful, the poor and the rich, the weak and the strong, the sufferers and the comfortable.  Justice songs could include earth songs, peace songs, songs for worship, and many more.  As with other categories, Some of those are on other pages.  Please look around.  As always, if you want to download and/or cover any of my songs, please contact me.  The honor system is an expression of trusting justice.   Here are a few of my justice songs.


“The Man in the Moon” (click for lyrics)

There’s a man in the moon, 
And he won’t be home too soon.
There’s a woman in the stars, 
And she’s stopping off at Mars.
There are children in the street 
Who must beg for what they eat,
And they look to you and me living here.

There’s that pie in the sky 
That will help us bye and bye.
There’s that politician’s plan 
That will help us if it can.
But those children in the street 
Still must beg for what they eat,
And they look to you and me living here. 

If those children are our children 
And we look them in the eye,
We will find whatever’s needed 
Without looking to the sky,
For the love that we’ve been given 
Is enough to see us through,
We will guard the earth’s resources 
And do what we must do.

But the man in the moon,
He won’t be home too soon,
And the woman in the stars 
Is still stopping off at Mars,
And those children in the street 
Still must beg for what they eat,
And they look to you and me living here.

“The Great Turning” (click for info & lyrics)

“The Great Turning”
[This song was inspired by the book Coming Back to Life by Joanna Macy and Molly Young Brown. The fourth verse came after reading David Korten’s The Great Turning]

We’re looking for the great turning for all humankind,
Though we know it’s got to start with you and me.
Yielding to exploitive cultures makes our spirits blind,
Yet beyond our fears we trust that we will see.

One by one united with all
We turn to sustainability.
Loud and clear we hear Earth’s spirit call
Connecting us with all eternity.          (Chorus)

Supportive circles of family and friends,
Like rivers, mountains, and trees,
Do work that reconnects as play that never ends
So we celebrate and all of life agrees.   (Chorus)

Our living earth calls from the heart
For us to join with her as one
As the Great Falling seems about to start
And we grieve the damage we’ve already done

We look with hope to the end of empire’s day
As we walk away from the King
Beyond all hierarchy we forge a new day
As the chorus of creation we all sing.   (Chorus) (copyright © Stephen J. Miller


Solstice Calls for Hope (the only recording I have so far (Dec 5, 2016) is video and won’t fit on this site.  So here are the lyrics and the tune.  The tune is, I believe, public domain.  I give permission for non-commercial use of the words, but I’m interested to know about it.

“Solstice Calls for Hope” (tune: the Leaving of Liverpool)          Lyrics by Stephen Miller

In the cold and darkness of wintertime
Not much grows in the frozen ground
As the days grow shorter and the nights grow long,
A spark of light and hope is found. Now

– Solstice calls for hope again
As our earth proclaims brighter days.
So joy and peace and love fill our lives
As we celebrate in so many ways.

So Christmas comes near Hanukkah
And solstice brings light to all.
Then Kwanzaa comes and Boxing Day
As we hear this new Solstice call. Yes, (chorus)
For all peoples of this northern hemisphere
It’s a time to know all are one.
Let us put aside all of our differences
Join the fun drawing nearer the sun.  Oh (chorus)
The glow of candles lights the darkest night
With menorahs and an awesome midnight mass
And at festive gatherings for joyful feasts
To the hope of peace we all raise a glass.  Yes, (chorus)
……Yes, we celebrate in so many ways.