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Dates & Places

Two Celtic Coyotes (Doug Cowan and Stephen Miller) will be at the Albuquerque SunPort from 11 to 1 on Thursday, April 12.

Three Celtic Coyotes (Doug Cowan, Anita Amstutz, and Stephen Miller will be at the Albuquerque Celtic Festival on May 19.


If you want me or the band to perform, go to the contact page and make an inquiry.  If you want more information, or if you want to be on an email list, likewise, make contact.

We have a CD. “Solstice” is available for $10.  Contact us if you’re interested.

Sage is on intentional sabbatical.  If you want to invite the band to perform, let us know.  We can probably put something together.  If not, I might be able to put together a group to meet your needs.